Monday, July 12, 2010


I can’t believe that I’ve been here a whole month! Just 3 more weeks to go! This week I’ve been busy doing final renderings of the lobby of the Watermark Tower building in downtown LA. I think they turned out pretty good, it’s going to look pretty sweet when it’s all done and put together. Next this Saturday is THE day we open up our showroom to the public. We’re having a big party that night with lots a booze, but I’ll be going for the networking!
This girl at work was trying to convince me that Sketchup is better than CAD! Ha! Don’t make me laugh! Are you kidding me?! Sketchup isn’t even comparable to what you can do on CAD, it’s so much more professional and accurate! If you’re looking to muck around use Sketchup, if you're making real plans use AutoCAD…so there!
One of the many other projects going on here at H Studio is we’re remodeling our showroom in Las Vegas, and will be reopening on the 2nd of August. This week I went through the entire inventory in Vegas and organized everything into categories on Excel, then pasted pictures of each product next to their corresponding description. I am so bad at Excel so I guess this will be good for me!
On Wednesday, I went to the Ketchup Restaurant in West Hollywood with Kylee and Amy. Kylee went back to Utah on Friday so we wanted to have one last get together before she headed back. Ketchup is a way cool and trendy restaurant! The food was pretty good, they have all sorts of funky ketchup flavors for you to try like; chocolate, banana, ranch, BBQ, and just regular ketchup. It was fun to try all the flavors, who would have thought to put chocolate and ketchup together? It was pretty interesting!
Finally the weekend came and I headed over to Amy’s place to take the bus to the Getty! Riding the bus is so much cheaper than parking and it saves on gas so I think we’re going to try and ride the bus everywhere we can! I like the bus, I feel like I can actually enjoy LA because I’m not driving in it! Plus the TV on the bus asks you fun useless knowledge questions like; what is the largest cat in the world? –Tiger, and what determines the gender of a baby crocodile? – Temperature. I bet you didn’t know that! I didn’t! Good thing I was on the bus so we all can be that much smarter? Ha!
The Getty was really neat and is one of my favorite places that I’ve been to in LA. I love seeing great architecture and the Getty does not disappoint! A beautiful work of art made of travertine and aluminum. Richard Meier is the master mind architect. Inside the museum housed paintings from some of my favorite artists like Vincent Van Gough and Claude Monet. The collection also included pre-20th-century European paintings, drawings, illuminated manuscripts, sculpture, decorative arts, and 19th- and 20th-century American and European photographs. By the end of the day I felt pretty cultured.

After the Getty we rode the bus back to Westwood (where Amy lives) and went to this awesome place called Ditty Riese, which has the best homemade ice-cream sandwiches! You can pick the cookie and ice-cream, it is so good and the price is right too! Only $1.50!
I really like the Westwood area, the UCLA campus is there so it’s a fun college town feel, lots of fun places to hang out, really nice and friendly people, cool places to eat, and really close to the beach!
Sunday I went to church, I really like the singles ward here, the people are really nice. I’m sad that I’m leaving so soon I was just starting to get to know the people.
After church I met up with Amy and we took the bus to the Santa Monica Beach. It was another great day at the beach. We caught some sweet waves and built a real interesting sand castle and watched it wash away by the waves. It was a good day!
Well that finishes another crazy week in LA. Until next week…peace out!

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  1. I am so proud of you and all your accomplishments. I admire your "can do" attitude. I know that will take you far in your life. Thanks for being such a good example. Your my little sweetheart!!!!