Friday, August 6, 2010

Have you been to California, seen the sites and people there? Walked the streets of sleepy sea towns, tasted salty ocean air?

Well last week concluded my adventures in LA. It was a very busy week, I ordered furniture and materials for Judy’s master bedroom. I worked really hard in getting everything all ready to be installed so I hope that all goes well and that she really likes her room. Also this week at work everyone was getting everything ready for the opening of our show room in Las Vegas in the World Market Center on the 2nd. I’ve seen the floor plans and what we’re displaying and it is going to be really cool. I’m sad that I’ll miss it but I am happy to be home.
Tuesday night after work I picked up my friend Amy and went downtown to see the Walt Disney Concert Hall designed my famous architect, Frank Gehry. It was so awesome! Probably the hottest building that I’ve ever seen! I am a sucker for great architecture and it did not disappoint! Every angle was so fascinating and the curvy lines make your eyes look upward, while you wonder how in the world it was built and how is it standing!? I have such a respect for artists and designers who really push the limits and make the impossible possible. We were only there for a short time because we parked at a meter but it really was incredible to see.

Amy and I feeling reflective

Thursday I went into work for about an hour and then headed to LAX to pick up Kate and Adam. After picking them up they had a “surprise” for me… tickets to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno! It was so awesome! We were even in the front row, so if you happened to watch the show on the 29th you probably saw me and didn’t even know it! It was a fantastic show with Jennifer Aniston and singer Christina Perry. Before they started filming the show they had people pumping up the audience before for the show. This one really funny guy came out and was giving out free t-shirts for the loudest fan and he picked me! He told me to come on stage. He put his hands behind his back and told me to be his arms and hands while he told a story, it was hilarious! I’m sure I looked like a fool up there but I was just having a good time, I’d do it for a free t-shirt! :) Too bad they didn’t film that!
After the show we went and got Subway and ate it at the beach. It was a great way to end an awesome day!

Adam and Kate
Friday was my last day at H Studio. I can’t believe my 7 week journey is at an end. I’ve learned so much in so many different ways. Here are just a few:
• I know more than I thought I did.
• Don’t be afraid to exploit yourself, you snooze you lose!
• Promptness shows respect.
• Keeping perspective is the key to happiness. From a distance, even a bumpy road looks smooth.
• Designing makes me happy.
• Be teachable.
• There is really nothing that I can’t conquer.
• Never leave the house without your GPS.
• The beach never gets old.
• The three P’s to a successful business is; the People, the Product, then the Profit.
I’ve been very blessed and fortunate to have had such a great experience. It’s been awesome to see and recognize the Lord’s hand in my life. It’s easy to get cynical about life and I consider it a blessing to be able to recognize the good. How have you been blessed?
At the end of the day Shlomi came up to me and asked, “What can I give you to thank you for all that you did?” and I said, “A letter of recommendation?” and he said, “No recommendation needed just come back in a year…no really… what can I give you?” my response was, “I don’t know?”, then Shlomi said to me, “Come to the showroom and pick out anything you want.” SAY WHAT!? Yeah, that’s right… I got to pick out anything I wanted! So I picked out this sweet, one of a kind sculpture! It would definitely pay for what I would have made over the summer if I got paid. Its super cool, it’s made out of dyed blue acrylic, the same material they use on their furniture.

Me with Ellen McAlister and Shlomi Haziza

H Studio showroom in LA

Jesse and I
After work, Kate, Adam, and I went to Hollywood Blvd. and walked down the Hollywood Walk of Fame for a while and took some sweet pics.

Look I'm famous!

Saturday morning we picked up Amy and rode the bus to Santa Monica Beach. The beach seriously doesn’t get old! It was kind of overcast and chilly when we got there but the sun soon came out. I forgot to put on sunscreen and I got fried! I looked like a freakin lobster! I never forget to put on sunscreen but I did and this time I paid!
Nice fany Adam!

California Beach Bums!

After the beach we went and got sushi and of course Ditty Riese. I’m going to miss it so much, good thing it’s not in Logan or else I would be in big trouble!

It has ruined me but I love it so much!

After dinner we headed to the Griffeth Observatory. It has awesome views of all of LA and Hollywood, we were there just in time for the sunset which was pretty sweet! The Observatory was a great way to spend my last night in California.


Sunday morning came and it was time to make the 11 hour drive back to Utah. I had a chance to say good-bye to my awesome roommate Marge. I love Marge! I really got lucky to be with such an awesome person. I learned a lot from her as well, and she was so kind to let me stay in her humble abode. It was hard saying good-bye to her. I think we were both an answer to each other’s prayers.
Meet Marge, truely and amazing person!
I’m so glad to be home but so grateful for the opportunity to grow and learn new things. Chances are in all that we make them, and all I need! On to the next adventure, one more year at school! Can’t wait to start… until then peace out!!Home sweet home!