Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Week 3 is done… check! Three down four to go! This week at H Studio was pretty good; I was busy all week working on the renderings for the lobby in the Watermark Building downtown. Watermark is a super cool building! It’s a huge skyscraper that has high end apartments and penthouses. Also inside there is a gym, swimming pool, an indoor park for dogs, and our H Studio showroom. The cost to rent such a place costs as much as a new car a month, $15,000 a month! Who does that?! It’s going to be sweet when it’s all finished.
I tried to get a hold of Judy (my client) this week to get things started on her room but she’s been really busy at work. I hope I can get a hold of her soon, there isn’t much time left. Four weeks to completely install a room isn’t much time especially if you have to order fabrics and furniture.
This week Kylee and I attempted FHE on Monday; it was a multi stake activity at Dockwieler Beach where there was a big bonfire with marshmallows and stuff to make s’mores with. There were so many people so it was a bit intimidating but the people that we talked to were really nice. I was just proud of myself for even going!
The 4th of July weekend was so fun and jam packed of good old American fun! I even had Monday off too!
Saturday Kylee and I headed to Venice Beach. I heart Venice Beach! When I think of a California beach I think of a beach like Venice Beach. The beach is lined with gorgeous beach houses, street performers, tons of shops, people riding bikes, and of course muscle beach. If your neck is the same width of your head… take a day off!! It’s supposed to go in a little!
It was so nice just to lay out on the warm sand and feel the warm sun on my skin. The weather was perfect; it wasn’t too hot with a nice breeze to cool you off. After basking in the sun we did a little sand sculpting. I was made into a mermaid, and Kylee was a beautiful octopus! We played in the water for a bit, it was so fun to jump in the waves. I got a little creeped out by the seaweed and whatever else was lurking in the water so we got out of the water and changed our clothes. We decided it would be fun to rent bikes and ride them along the coast. We rode all the way up to the Santa Monica Pier. It was so much fun! I’ve always wanted to ride bikes on the beach! There was so much to see, music coming from all directions, crazy hippies, and street venders everywhere. It kind of reminded me of Portobello Rd. in London minus the beach of course.
We rode our bikes back and did a little shopping. I’ve seen a lot of things in my travels but the people in California are crazy! One of the great things (or some people think is great) about California is that medical marijuana is completely legal, so there were crazy reefer men trying to get people to come in and get a free health exam to see if you qualify for medical marijuana, this is absolutely crazy to me! No thanks! I like the system I’ve got! Try getting high on life, it’s awesome!

While walking back to the car we spotted Frank Gehry's Veince Beach House! So cool! It was just right in the middle of the big line of beach houses. It's always great to see things that you see in text books!
After the beach we headed back to Ky’s place and we had ourselves a little BBQ. We cut up so much fruit!! It was more like can I have some BBQ with my fruit! Ha! It was so good!
For the 4th of July we decided to go to the Aquarium in Long Beach and watch the fireworks. The Aquarium was really cool! It was like a mini Sea World, they had animals you can touch and there was so much to do and see. I had more fun admiring the design and architecture. The animals were just a bonus, I’m such a nerd! When we bought our tickets we got the 4th of July package, it came with admission to the aquarium and a dinner. The dinner was so good! We piled our plates full of food and dessert, it was quiet the American meal!
Later on that night we watched the fireworks from the Queen Mary. It was a great way to end the day. Thank you for being born America!
5 reasons why I love America:
1. I can pursue my dreams
2. I can obtain an education in anything I choose
3. The opportunities here are endless
4. I can have a car and go anywhere
5. I have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
There are so many other reasons why I love America, I feel very fortunate to be in this great land.
Monday I had the day off so Kylee and I went to Olvera St., which is the birth place of Los Angeles. It is a tiny street full of Mexican food and street venders. The atmosphere was really fun and so was the food!
Later on that night we went to a movie in Glendale. We saw Knight and Day. It was ok, kind of cheesy but at least it had good action in it.
It’s been a good week. I’ve done and seen a lot! Until next week… peace out!

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