Monday, July 19, 2010

Can you name anything more annoying? I bet you can't!

I was driving on the 405 this week and right in front of me was a nice car that had one of those Nike stickers that said ‘Just Do It’… so I hit him… knocked the phone right out of his hand! Ha! There are three truths about this statement. The first being is that I really didn’t hit anyone; the second is that I really, really, hate the 405 freeway with every fiber of my being! And thirdly, LA traffic really makes me want to ram someone! It brings out the worst in me and it’s a good thing that I’m driving by myself most of the time because at times I’m ashamed at the things that come out of my mouth.
Week five is done and gone, now onto week six. It’s crazy to think that in less than two weeks I will be back in Utah. It’s gone by so fast! I feel like I’ve learned a lot already! This past week was a busy one! We’ve all been frantically trying to get everything ready for the grand opening of our showroom in LA that we had on Saturday. We had a few glitches and setbacks but we managed to pull through and it turned out really nice! The showroom looked glorious! We ended up painting the floors and walls all white at the last minute and it turned out so nice! I think we had a pretty good turn out too. The space was filled with people, loud music, and delicious food! My friend Amy came with me, these events can tend to be a little awkward so it was nice to have a friend there with me.

Last week I also started putting together a design for a party that H Studio is furnishing in Malibu. On Wednesday I drove to the house in Malibu where the party is going to be at and took pictures and measurements. It’s 40 miles away so it took about an hour and a half to get there. The party is this Saturday so I have a lot to do to get everything ready.
So as I was heading back from Malibu and it took me 3 hours to get home! Again reiterating my loathing of LA traffic! Mind you that it’s only 40 miles away! I was so ticked! LA traffic is the biggest gas loafer of all time! I’m so annoyed! To make it even worse it’s been over 100 all week. Stuck in traffic with a hot sun beating down on you is no bueno!
Friday night Amy and I went to the movie Inception. It was so good! I loved it! The whole concept of controlling your dreams and being able to know what is real and what is reality is mind boggling. I can’t quite wrap my brain around it but it was so interesting!
Saturday before the party Amy and I found Frank Gehry’s house! It’s definitely a Gehry house. Fence, metal, and glass protruding in every direction. It was way cool to see it. After the party we were hungry so we went to this really good sushi restaurant in Westwood and Ditty Riese for desert…mmmm so good! I can't get enough of it!

Sunday after church we of course headed to the beach. I love that place, it doesn’t get old for me. I can't resist it! It’s a great way to end my week and start a new one…until then…peace out!


  1. Are you a interior designer? Sounds so cool Whitney! Internship or job?

  2. Hey Kim! It's been forever! I am a future interior designer. I'm just interning at the moment, I have one more year up at Utah State and then it's official!