Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Can someone tell me what the heck Malibu Chic is?

Oh gee… where do I start? It has been such a busy and slow week all at the same time! Earlier this week was pretty slow, everyone was trying to recover from last weekend’s opening of our showroom downtown, so I organized part of the Las Vegas inventory list on excel and also designed some of my own furniture that Shlomi may be interested in producing. By mid-week it went from slow to busy again, Jesse (one of my co-workers) and I were in charge of getting everything ready for the Malibu party on that coming Saturday. Luckily it wasn’t too involved, we just had to get all the furniture together and show up at the party. The Malibu party was put on by CC Skye, who is famous for her awesome and trendy jewelry and hand bags. Lots of celebrities and rich people buy her stuff. So what does this have to do with H Studio? Well CC Skye loves our furniture and asked if we would furnish the furniture for her party. During the week Jesse emailed CC Skye and asked her what kind of dress should we wear to the party and they responded with Malibu Chic. What in the heck is Malibu Chic!? Someone please enlighten me! No one in the office even knew what Malibu Chic was either. Efff! So I went to Ross and tried to do my best to find something that resembled Malibu Chic. I did end up finding something and I think that it worked, basically it’s a sophisticated beach/ hippy/ loosie goosie look… did you get that? Me neither! The party finally came and our furniture looked awesome! The party was pretty cool too, I felt a little awkward but good thing Jesse was there so I at least knew somebody. I haven’t got the slightest clue what it’s like to be rich and famous, I don’t know if I can handle all that attention from everyone, I definitely could handle the money though! Ha! The Best part of the party was that we got free jewelry and makeup! Sweet Nibblets!

Do we look Malibu Chic?
If I was a billionaire I would…
1. Pay off all of my school debt.
2. Pay off both of my sister’s school debt and their cars... or just buy them new ones.
3. Buy my parents a house and take care of them for the rest of their lives, let’s be honest… I owe it to them!
4. Travel the world with my friends.
5. Rent Disneyland for a week and only invite my closest friends and family to enjoy a crowd free vacation!
6. Help fund the church’s Humanitarian Aid and the Perpetual Education Fund.
7. Randomly go to a restaurant and pay everyone’s bill.
8. Purchase my own island.
9. Hire my own personal chef and hair and makeup stylist because I hate cooking and getting ready in the morning.
10. Own an original painting by Vincent van Gogh.
The list can go on for a while shamefully. What would you do/buy if you were a billionaire?

On my way home from the party I was driving along the Pacific Coast Highway and look what my view was! I'm really going to miss the ocean!

On Wednesday after work, Marge (my awesome and sweet roommate) and I went to the LA Temple! I’ve been here in LA for 6 weeks now and still have not made it to the temple so I was pretty excited to finally make it out there. The LA Temple is so big! I hear that it’s the biggest temple that the church has, and of course it was gorgeous inside. For my awesome friends that may not know about Mormon temples click here to find out more! I had such a wonderful time, I’m pretty sure it’s the only quiet place in all of LA! I so needed that time to disconnect with the world, it was so refreshing.

So do you remember me telling you about Judy? She was a client that I designed her master bedroom for? Well I finally got a hold of her this week! So she still wants to do her room. Well unfortunately I won’t be able to see it all finished sense I’m leaving this weekend. In the meantime, I’m going to be ordering everything and getting the room all prepped up so they know exactly how everything is supposed to go. I wished that I could have seen it all finished but I’ll do everything I can until then.
Before the party on Saturday my friend Amy and I tried to go see some Frank Lloyd Wright and Frank Gehry buildings but it was kind of a bust. We missed the tour for the Hollyhock House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright so we just took a few pictures. We also went to the Hollywood Library that supposedly was designed my Fank Gehry, not going to lie…it was kind of disappointing, it was run down and didn’t really look like anything that he would design. The rest of the day we were of course stuck in retarded traffic, but we did manage to make it to Ditty Riese, mmm… so good! I’m addicted!

We love Queen!

The Hollyhock House

Cant get enough of the PDC!
It was my last Sunday yesterday. I’m going to really miss the great people I’ve met through the church. They’ve been so kind and welcoming, who knows… maybe I’ll find a job out here in a year? We’ll see!
This week is my last week, I can’t believe it! It’s flown by so quickly, I’ve learned so much in such a short amount of time.
I’m so excited for Thursday, you wanna know why?! Because my awesome, beautiful cousin Kate, and my awesome macho friend Adam are coming to LA! They will be joining me on the long drive back to Utah early Sunday morning as well! Thursday can’t come soon enough! Until then… peace out!

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